Qué es el certificado iso 14001

What is ISO 14001 certification?

Do you know what ISO 14001 certification is and why companies in different sectors and fields want to achieve it?

ISO certifications are documents that certify the compliance of companies with very strict standards in different areas. ISO standards are very high. And only companies that reliably comply with each standard obtain their certification. Obtaining ISO 14001 certification requires compliance with very demanding regulations.

But in return, compliance opens many doors and opportunities for companies that hold this certification.

Do you know what ISO 14001 certification is? What is the purpose of the regulation? And how to obtain it for your company? From Nextport we are going to see it in detail.

What is ISO 14001 certification and what is the purpose of the standard?

What is ISO 14001 certification?

It is an internationally recognised certification that allows companies to demonstrate their responsibility and commitment to environmental protection. It does so through the proper management of the risks and waste arising from their business activities.

ISO 14001 establishes a series of systems and tools that affect different areas beneficial to the Environmental Management System. These help the company to reduce environmental risks associated with internal business processes.

ISO 14001 describes the process a company must follow to meet the objectives and obtain certification. It requires the company to comply with the national environmental laws of the country or countries in which it operates.

This standard identifies requirements for an appropriate management of environmental risks:

  • To achieve effective environmental risk management.
  • To consider environmental prevention and protection from the company in the development of its activity.
  • Take into account legal compliance and socio-economic needs for environmental protection.

This is easier to understand by understanding the objectives of the standard. And by being aware of what it is for.


iso environmental standard


What is the core objective of ISO 14001?

We have already seen what ISO 14001 certification is. But what is the main objective of the standard?

To achieve the improvement of the management of all environmental aspects, thus generating opportunities for economic benefit and image for the company.

These aspects include:

  • Responsible and controlled consumption
  • Proper management of waste, discharges and atmospheric emissions.
  • Reduction of environmental risks.
  • Environmental protection

The specific environmental objectives may be different depending on the company’s current activity and situation. And even its location and environment.

Why ISO 14001 certification is important for companies

This certification is not mandatory to comply with current legislation. So why make the effort to obtain it? Why is ISO 14001 certification important for companies?

Among other reasons because:

  • It demonstrates to consumers, partners and society its involvement in environmental care and protection.
  • It shows the efforts and tasks carried out by the company to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • It certifies that the company meets high and demanding requirements for environmental protection during the development of its activity.
  • It is a real way to optimise resources and improve the company’s performance.
  • It allows the company to ensure that it complies with strict legal regulations and thus avoid fines and sanctions.
  • It improves the company’s reputation and brand image as socially responsible and sustainable.
  • It facilitates successful expansion and internationalisation in markets that are highly demanding in terms of environmental protection.

How to obtain ISO 14001 certification

Having a clear understanding of what ISO 14001 certification is, you will understand that the requirements for obtaining it are very demanding. The process of obtaining it can be lengthy. Only the rapid design, development and implementation of a customised and efficient Environmental Management Plan can speed it up.

First, the requirements of the standard must be met. Afterwards, an assessment must be requested to certify that the company does indeed meet them. This can only be done by an accredited certification company. If the audit proves that the requirements are indeed met, and after payment of the corresponding fee, certification is obtained.

Having a well-defined, developed and implemented Environmental Management Plan is essential. In fact, it is the essential requirement for obtaining it.

And what should this plan include?

  • Definition of the objectives for compliance with environmental standards. And what are the policies or procedures to be implemented to achieve these objectives.
  • Definition of responsibilities.
  • Staff training activities on environmental management. The aim of these is to enable employees to be active agents in environmental protection in the company.
  • Design and implementation of a control and warning system for any changes in procedures.
  • System for assessing environmental performance

Of course, documentation is key to prove that the requirements are being met.


iso procedures


Professional help to obtain ISO 14001 certification

At Nextport we help companies in their organisational development.

Now you know what ISO 14001 certification is, what it’s for and how to get it. Streamlining the compliance process and getting certified is easier with expert help.

How do we help companies in this process?

  • We analyse your business and processes to design a key action plan to promote the necessary changes.
  • We develop all the documentation needed to submit a valid application.
  • We assist and support the implementation of the necessary requirements to obtain ISO 14004 certification.
  • We continuously monitor progress to promote compliance. And to check whether the plan is on track.
  • We train the teams in the specific areas required.
  • We provide support throughout the process, resolving doubts and helping to implement improvements.
  • We support the defence of the relevant certification audit for your success.

You know what ISO 14001 certification is. You now have a clearer idea of how obtaining this certification can benefit your company. You also know what the process of obtaining it looks like. All that’s left is to decide if it’s what you want for your business.

If you need help, contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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