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International Market Access Service – FOREIGN TRADE CONSULTANCY

The service of access to international markets is part of our FOREIGN TRADE CONSULTANCY services and is based on the work carried out by our Export Sales Managers, first with the client-company and then with the contacts-distributors that we maintain in many countries and regions.

Our objective: To be a bridge between the customer and the distributor that facilitates, speeds up and promotes the increase of sales in international channels.

Firstly, it is necessary to analyse the business model and (if it exists) the MARKETING and COMMERCIAL STRATEGY of the client-company and the possible accumulated experience it may have in international markets, as well as to determine the scope through the analysis of its productive, operational and logistical capacity.

Next, the Export Sales Managers team analyses the PRODUCT CATALOGUE and its export potential. The objective of this phase is to identify those products with the greatest potential for success in international markets, based on the following factors:

  • Product-specific parameters
    • Assessment of its composition
    • Evaluation of the information contained in the packaging and its adaptation possibilities based on the requirements of the target market.
    • Evaluation of the claims associated with the product or any of the active ingredients present in its formulation.
    • Review of the necessary documentation for export
  • Trade parameters
    • Analysis of sales of the product in the market of origin or other existing markets
    • Evaluation of the established tariff and promotion model
    • Setting the order range (units and/or value)
    • Definition of lead time
    • Existence of support materials for trade presentation or promotion
  • Efficiency parameters
    • Existence of studies or trials demonstrating the efficacy of the product
    • Existence of scientific publications or literature supporting the efficacy of the product
  • Destination country/countries parameters
    • Identification of the most likely markets for marketing the product.
    • Evaluation of the socio-demographic, commercial, cultural and health variables specific to each country in order to establish the correct positioning of the product through the most appropriate channel.
    • Assessment of the regulatory framework
    • Identification and selection of the appropriate distributor.

This process will count on the collaboration of our experts in the REGULATORY field, who will verify that the product complies with the regulatory requirements or standards of the country or countries of destination, in order to facilitate and ensure its registration with the relevant national agencies.

Once the analysis and evaluation phases have been completed, Nextport presents a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROPOSAL, which will include feasible and concrete objectives to be achieved within the stipulated timeframe.

Once Nextport’s commercial proposal has been accepted, our Export Sales Managers carry out a systematic and continuous work of contact and product presentation to our contacts-distributors in the destination countries, negotiating prices and conditions, but always respecting the agreements reached with the companies we represent.

Finally, after signing the agreements with our distributor-contacts, we will process the ORDERS, which will only be dispatched once the company has issued the corresponding invoice and received payment of 100% of the amount of the order in advance, so that we reduce the risk of non-payment to zero.

In short, our aim is to optimise the internationalisation process, identify and eliminate possible risks or barriers to exporting and maximise objectives.

At Nextport, we are well aware that what really matters to the company are results, increased sales and the opening of new markets.

If you want to know more, please contact us, we will explain what O+D=C2 is.

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