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Profile of our Export Sales Manager

When we present our services to companies, in relation to the INTERNATIONALISATION OF COMPANIES, there are two questions that are systematically put on the table by clients or, in this case, potential clients:

  1. How we are going to achieve the sales target, and
  2. What is the role of our Export Sales Manager, what does he/she do and, in short, what does he/she do.

This blog post deals with the second question, focusing on the importance of the Export Sales Manager, as an Export Sales Manager. LINKING LINK between the national and international markets to be able to undertake the changes and the necessary evolution of the company’s departments and processes, in order to face the access to international markets with guarantees of success. The first of these will be discussed below.

In short, an Export Sales Manager is in charge of directing and coordinating the commercial actions within the export department. In other words, this is the person who is responsible for identifying opportunities in international markets, through prospecting and presenting the products or services of the company he or she represents, and then negotiating and materialising sales, processing orders and resolving incidents, all with the primary objective of increasing sales in the foreign market.

At Nextport, it is clear to us that an Export Sales Manager is a facilitator who brings the company closer to international markets. This premise means that it works in close coordination with all the company’s departments to facilitate the sales process in these markets.

The functions listed here are the usual ones in an international or export department and are carried out by our team of Export Sales Managers depending on the needs of our clients, the scope of the service and the development of the international sales processes in the company, i.e. the situation in which the company finds itself with respect to international markets.

In addition, our Export Sales Manager is a person who has to integrate into the operating structure and culture of a company that is not his or her own, so he or she will have to have an adequate set of skills to carry out the mission entrusted to him or her, including flexibility and empathy, resilience, orientation towards results and the achievement of objectives, autonomy, as well as planning and organisational skills, among others. Translated with (free version)


The mission of our Export Sales Manager is to plan, coordinate, control and report on the commercial strategy in international markets, aimed at opening new markets, increasing sales and improving the profitability of the product or service, all aligned with the necessary Organisational Development of the company that allows the achievement of the objectives.

In order to achieve the Mission, the Export Sales Manager assumes the following roles, responsibilities and functions:

Systematically ANALYSES POTENTIAL MARKETS, looking for opportunities. These opportunities arise when it is detected that:

  1. There is a demand for the company’s products or services in the target market.
  2. The costs of positioning the product or service are affordable and are logically related to the expected revenue and profitability.
  3. Existing competition does not condition the entry of our product or service, or it is even possible to take advantage of niches not yet identified by our competitors.
  4. The regulatory framework at destination is not an insurmountable barrier for the product, service or company.
  5. Distribution and sales channels are an opportunity to position our product or service.
  6. The cultural environment at the destination is conducive to business interests or at least does not hinder them.

Analyses and evaluates the potential of the PRODUCT or SERVICE most suitable for export:

  1. Identify the needs of potential customers at the destination.
  2. It foresees or anticipates changes in the regulatory framework of the product or service, which may represent an opportunity for export.
  3. Identifies necessary changes to product composition, labelling and/or packaging in accordance with transport requirements, product specifications or regulatory authorities.
  4. Develops actions to promote and sell the product or service, in collaboration with the marketing department.
  5. It analyses, evaluates and selects distributors in each market according to the guidelines set by management.
  6. It informs the departments in charge of product development (innovation department, for example) of the needs detected in order to be able to offer new services or products to each market according to their potential.
  7. And of course, it analyses the price, margin and profitability of the product placed on the market to detect opportunities for improvement.

Defines, coordinates and supports the materialisation of the STRATEGIC and COMMERCIAL PLANS of the company’s management, in order to position the product or service at the destination, assigning specific actions, responsibilities and deadlines.

  1. Proposes sales targets in coordination with the company’s management.
  2. Prepares and manages the sales plan for each market according to the needs and opportunities detected.
  3. It coordinates with the departments involved, their implementation, monitoring and reformulations to carry them out.
  4. It identifies the changes needed in the departments involved to achieve them and monitors the implementation of the changes.
  5. It prepares the necessary budget and reports to the Directorate on progress and strategic needs for its achievement.
  6. It monitors each of the markets and coordinates the necessary corrective actions if there are deviations from the budget, in accordance with the guidelines set by management.

Coordinates, supports and acts as facilitator of the international SALES TEAM, in coordination with the company management:

  1. Coordinates the performance of the sales team, monitors and proposes operational improvements. He identifies training areas, motivates, boosts performance and supports the international department team.
  2. Defines objectives, in coordination with management, related to performance and based on the achievement of the objectives of the Strategic and Business Plan.
  3. Negotiates with distributors and customers in each market the terms of sale, delivery and price, in accordance with established margin and profitability guidelines.
  4. Processes orders and resolves incidents in coordination with other departments of the company.
  5. It ensures that distributors and customers have the necessary training and information, both about the product and its expected functionality and value. Organises product and service presentations and/or training actions for distributors and their customers in each of its markets.
  6. It offers and provides all the support required by customers and distributors in events and actions that contribute to a better knowledge and positioning of the company’s products and services.
  7. He coordinates attendance at trade fairs, congresses and events, representing the brand at these venues. And, if necessary, it travels to the countries and markets under its responsibility on a regular basis.
  8. It provides the appropriate sales support materials for each market.


  1. Systematically reports to management on progress and barriers encountered in the expected evolution of sales. To this end, it periodically analyses sales data to detect deviations in sales, margin and profitability.
  2. It is responsible for ensuring that sales in its markets are made in accordance with the agreed conditions and report the expected margins.
  3. Proposes operational and process improvements to increase sales and target achievement.
  4. It analyses the incidents that occur, prioritises them and proposes operational improvements in the management processes of the company it represents.

All these questions are the ones that the team of Export Sales Managers of Nextport usually carry out within the framework of our FOREIGN TRADE CONSULTANCY and, specifically, in the OUTSOURCING service.

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