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What to export from Spain successfully and profitably

Spain ranks 27th in the market of exporting countries according to MIT. However, if we look at the ranking of exports in relation to the country’s GDP, it drops to 67th place out of 191. The Exports up to February 2022 (latest official data available) reached an all-time high. But what does Spain export? And what can it export?

Trade internationalisation is an opportunity for many producers and companies. But what to export from Spain to other countries and which markets to target must be analysed and measured.

What to export from Spain?

In theory, every product is exportable. But in practice, not every export of a product is feasible or profitable. Several requirements must be met.

Some are obvious, such as the recipient country’s need for such goods and the absence of import bans in those countries. Or a competitive price to succeed in international markets. Others are less obvious, such as the cost of transport or the culture and customs for the acceptance of certain products, as in the case of some food products.

Prior analysis is key to assessing the export potential and the commercial offer. As well as to identify the most interesting markets to export each product to.

For guidance purposes only, it is interesting to know which are the most exported products from Spain. And what to export from Spain to take advantage of the sectors and markets of opportunity.

However, this article is not law. In other words, the inclusion or absence of a product does not mean that it is or is not exportable and very profitable to do so. Each product and commercial proposal must always be analysed individually. Moreover, the market is not static, it moves. And what was not possible or profitable yesterday may be possible or profitable tomorrow.

Most exported products from Spain today

  • Automotive and spare parts sector. Both vehicle (cars, motorbikes, trucks) and spare parts manufacturers are major exporters.
  • Petroleum refining and goods manufactured from chemicals.
  • Packaged medicines.

Moreover, what can be exported from Spain that is already being done successfully?


What to export from Spain?


Agri-food products: what to export from Spain

Spain is a major exporter of agri-food products and a world leader in olive oil exports. Sales of food, beverages and tobacco products represent 19.1% of all Spanish exports. Oils and fats, meat, fruit, vegetables and legumes are the most exported products. And 69% of the income of the fish canning industry in Spain comes from abroad.

In the current context, many countries will need to import food. The opportunities may extend to more products than the traditional ones. In this area, assessing what to export from Spain could lead to the creation of a long list. Although we will also have to keep an eye on possible changes in EU measures on food sovereignty.

Medical equipment

With the arrival of the pandemic, it was surprising that Spain had problems producing masks. Today it not only manufactures, but exports. But there is a wide variety of medical equipment that is manufactured in Spain and transported for sale abroad. Mainly to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and, increasingly, the USA.

India and Latin America are two markets with a great need for such imports.

What to export from Spain that is currently in great demand

  • Textiles and footwear. Exports are increasing, mainly in the luxury sector and in children’s fashion.
  • Chemicals, mainly to Europe, Asia, USA and Africa.
  • Ceramic floor and wall tiles, focusing demand in Central America, Persian Gulf countries and the US.
  • Cosmetics and beauty products, as Spain is one of the world’s top 10 exporters of beauty products and the world’s second largest exporter of perfumes.
  • Armaments. In recent years, the main recipients of these exports have been Europe, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Oman.
  • Greenhouses and greenhouse components destined for countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Chile and Ecuador.
  • Furniture. Europe and the USA are the main recipients.
  • Construction, infrastructure and public works machinery.
  • Renewable energies. What to export from Spain in this sector? We are currently the third largest exporter of wind energy. Although we continue to import more than we export, the current context accelerates the opportunities to grow and export renewable energies.


exporting renewable energies


What to export from Spain: sectors of opportunity

But you must be open-minded. And know what some countries demand in quantity. It is a good exercise to consider what to export from Spain in the coming years.

Any examples?

  • The UK has a great need to import agri-food products, many of which can be exported from Spain. It is already a major importer of these products and will become even more so in the future.
  • Gourmet food sector has good opportunities in Australia
  • Morocco needs higher imports of steel products and capital goods.

Steps to follow to export from Spain

The first step is the internationalisation study.

At Nexport we start by analysing the commercial offer and export potential of our clients. This is a key point to successfully undertake the path of internationalisation. We get to know the product well in order to identify its possibilities.

We select the right markets for each product. It is necessary to choose the countries with the greatest potential for success but also with the lowest implementation costs.

In addition, we advise on all the steps to follow to export and we provide contacts that in practice end up being clients. The regulations are different in different countries and, depending on the exported good, may involve more or less processes.

Sometimes issues arise that make us advise changes. For example, if the trade name has a negative meaning in the ideal market for that type of goods.

Marketing is key to successful exporting. Besides asking yourself what to export from Spain, it is worth considering how to position it or show it in such a way that it will be a commercial success.

Ask us about these services. Each case must be approached individually in order to achieve a cost-effective and successful performance.

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