We advise and accompany you in everything you need to access international markets, increase sales and boost your business.



We can become an EXPORT DEPARTMENT in the organizational structure of your company.

  • We adapt the Strategy
  • We prospect markets
  • We identify the regulatory framework
  • We develop the product / service
  • We develop the Marketing Plan
  • We carry out commercial actions
  • We report results
The organization manages to access international markets, increase its sales and develop its brand, saving time and without salary or structure costs.

Representation on international markets

We promote sales in international markets
  • We analyse the commercial offer
  • Assessing export potential
  • We select the markets – with the greatest potential and the lowest cost of implementation.
  • We convert contacts into customers
We manage to identify Leads and act with the products to convert contacts into customers.
plan internacionalizacion scaled

Commercial and Marketing

evaluacion de mercados
We improve and develop products and sales operations to better position them internationally.
  • We conceptualise, develop and measure – the performance of the international marketing plan and report on the results achieved.
  • Increasing sales – through commercial actions of value to international customers
The organization has a roadmap to accomplish the sales objectives and achieve a thorough knowledge of the diana market, the competitors, the target audience and the way forward to achieve commercial success.

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More and more companies decide to break down geographical barriers and seek new opportunities abroad. The foreign market offers possibilities that are not found in our country.

Nextport Advisors is a company of strategic and operational consulting with extensive experience in the accessing foreign markets, organizational development and obtaining optimal results. Our experience in the sector allows us to have a large number of clients, whom we help to disembark in other international territories.

Crossing borders and expanding a business to another country requires the advice of experts, who have the capacity to understand the situation of the organization and can guide and advise on the necessary aspects at all times.