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Increasing sales: techniques and strategies to do so

Increasing sales is the logical aspiration of every company. But is it as easy as just setting out to do it? Obviously not. It requires analysing each business proposition, the market and establishing which techniques or strategies are the right ones to achieve it. Moreover, the best way to increase sales for B2B or B2C businesses can be very different.

At Nextport we have gathered the most successful techniques and strategies to increase the sales of your products. We invite you to get to know them to assess which solutions are right for your business.

Increasing sales: techniques and strategies for selling more

Opening to new markets and sell more

Internationalisation is a good way to increase sales of your products.

Are the market(s) in which you sell saturated? Do you find difficult to grow and achieve more sales because your major markets have suffered some adversity that has limited consumption?

Taking your products to new markets is a possibility to be considered. A good option that has already been adopted by more than 5% of existing companies in Spain.

It is essential to explore among emerging economies and established markets what country is the best option for shipping and selling your products in. It is not a process that is carried out in two days and randomly. To do it successfully, it is essential to have expert advisors in internationalisation to support and guide you through all the steps to be taken.

Certifying the quality of your products to increase sales

Claiming that your product is good is not enough for buyers to trust you. Especially when it concerns products for the B2B market, which is much more demanding. And even more so if they are recurring purchases or products with a high economic value.

Demonstrating the quality of your products through quality certifications is a good solution. The confidence generated by ISO certifications, for example, is very valuable. It will help you to increase sales. It will also help you gain prestige and respectability in your sector. It is even possible that in addition to selling more, you can do so at a lower cost and at a higher price.

So, consider hiring organisational development services to help you achieve the most relevant certifications for your products.


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Engage with your ideal customer to improve sales in your business

Every product has an ideal customer who is looking for or needs exactly what you want to sell. The problem for many companies is that they do not focus their strategies on connecting their products with their ideal customers.

It is essential that you know your product very well. And that you define to which customers it provides or brings a real solution. Focus on the customer needs that your product can solve

Considering both issues, it is important to develop strategies to connect with that ideal customer. And to show them clearly and unequivocally that your product is just what they need. You will increase sales.

The way you connect with your ideal customer will depend on where they are or where they move. For example, a B2B client can be found at professional congresses and trade fairs, on LinkedIn or at networking events. As for a B2C client, you will have to make a good definition of their buyer persona to find the most interesting methods and spaces to connect with them.

Creating actionable sales strategies through social media to boost sales

Can you really make more sales on social media? Yes, you can. But it is not something that happens simply by having a profile on any social network.

Whatever you sell? Yes. From sweets to die-cutting machines for vehicle parts. But, of course, never in the same way.

The truth is that designing and implementing a strategy to capture leads and sales on social networks is not easy. It is feasible and it can be done. Many companies can attest to this. But it is not the result of coincidence. It takes work and perseverance.

Keep in mind that the first step is to analyse which social network(s) are the right ones to have an active profile that will help you sell more.

Among many other questions, you will have to define with which strategies you want to increase sales: By driving more quality traffic to your online shop? By improving product awareness or brand recognition and prestige? By showing yourself as the perfect solution for the needs of your audience and followers?

There are many options and possibilities. It is essential that you have a customised strategy that focuses on achieving more sales.


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Product development strategies to increase sales

To increase sales, the solution is not always to sell more units of your current products. In some cases, developing new products is the best decision. Moreover, in these cases it is common that cross-selling and increased brand awareness will then translate into more sales of products that you have already sold before.

It may not be the fastest way to achieve more sales and revenue. But if you don’t focus on the short term, it’s a very smart way to grow a business. And to get better financial results.

There are different ways of developing new products. For example:

  • Expanding the existing product line.
  • Create new products that provide new solutions.
  • Adding new features to an existing product to create a new one that is more functional, powerful or saleable.
  • Create a new product in line with existing products but target a different market with different priorities, needs or preferences.
  • Improving an existing product to meet the legal requirements of a more demanding market or to adapt it to new technologies that are already socially accepted.

Other techniques and strategies to increase sales

  • Opening new sales channels. For example, sell online if you have so far only sold in-store. Or sell in-store if you have only made direct sales.
  • Improving the branding and recognition of your brand. Gain prestige and show your values and differential value to sell more.
  • Developing loyalty strategies to achieve more recurring sales. For example, by improving the quality of your product or the quality of your after-sales service.
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