quienes necesitan un plan de igualdad

Equality plan for your company: what you need to know

Does your company have an equality plan? Do you know if you are legally required to have an equality plan for the company? From Nextport we are going to help you by showing you what a company equality plan is and who should have one. And to guide you on how to draw up an equality plan for your company to help you comply with your legal obligations.


Internationalisation of the company: advantages and processes

The internationalization of the company is a process that new companies are considering every year. But decision making is often fraught with questions. If you are considering the internationalization of your business, in this article we are going to talk about what it is, why it is advantageous for companies and what this process consists of.

qué es outsourcing

What is outsourcing and how does it help companies?

Outsourcing is a growing business practice. It is no coincidence that companies choose to outsource services because the advantages of doing so are great. Still don’t know what outsourcing is and how it can help you? Let’s take a look at it, learn about its importance and what benefits it can bring to your company.

Qué es el certificado iso 14001

What is ISO 14001 certification?

Do you know what ISO 14001 certification is and why companies in different sectors and fields want to achieve it? ISO certifications are documents that certify the compliance of companies with very strict standards in different areas. ISO standards are very high.

Subvenciones a la digitalización de empresas

Subsidies for the digitalisation of companies

Grants for the digitization of companies under the Next Generation EU plans can now be applied for. Are you considering applying for these EU-funded grants? Let’s see what they consist of and their bases so that you can get to know them better. This will make it easier for you to decide which is the right help to improve the digitization of your business.

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